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It’s way too hot to do anything outside so I’ve been making more delicious things with my goat milk.  I finally made chevre, which is French for goat.  It’s one of the most known of all the goat cheeses and … Continue reading

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  Two blondes: Imelda the Buff Orpington hen and me. I started out my hobby farming dream with a veg/fruit garden in England, but then we realized a farm isn’t a farm without a bit of livestock.  So when Mark … Continue reading

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This one reminds me of how important it is to dream, and then how important it is to realize when those dreams have come true.  

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I am awash in milk.  I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that goats were capable of producing a lot of milk, but it didn’t really hit me until I looked at several days’ worth of … Continue reading

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As you can possibly surmise by the heading of this blog post that something is going on.  Well, it is.  Hobby farming has become a constant challenge.  I find that lately, nearly every day,  it’s another case of “on the … Continue reading

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The Oregon Trail Museum: Campsite No, we are not moving to the Northwest.  I just thought the title of the blog post was quite apt in light of the past two weeks here on Comfort Farm.   We went out west on a … Continue reading

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