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I admit it.  I get a little thrill of happiness whenever an author I admire talks to me.  For instance, I chatted with Elizabeth Wein on Twitter about Code Name Verity while I was reading the book in England.  And … Continue reading

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Most people commute to work, but since I work at home, my commute is short, to say the least.  I thought I’d share the usual sights I see along the way.  Here’s a few pics from this morning. Time to … Continue reading

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My latest magabook, Popular Farming Series: Guide to Chicken Breeds is out!  It has 90 plus profiles and color illustrations as well as articles on feathers, anatomy, and breed history. Read all about it here: I think my favorite breed … Continue reading

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On Monday I had the privilege of interviewing Dave Mizejewski for my livestock Q and A for Hobby Farms.  Dave is a media personality, author, blogger and a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation.  You  may recognize his name from … Continue reading

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I’ve been hard at work on my latest project, a “magabook” for Bow Tie (the publishers of Hobby Farms, Urban Farm, and the Popular Farming Series) for the past few months, hence the lack of posts on this blog!  The … Continue reading

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My aunt sent me this picture. Now there are broody hens that are fairly determined to raise chicks, but this one puts broodiness in a whole new category. I’m not sure if this has been photoshopped, but the optimist in … Continue reading

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Eggs: A few people have asked me about the colors of eggs, which I mentioned in one of my posts.  Here is a picture of the daily offerings from my girls: The green/blue eggs come from the Araucana, which is … Continue reading

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