Folly Friday: A Pictorial Tour of Vicky’s London

One of the best things about setting historical stories in England is that the places, for the most part, still exist. I was recently comparing a London street map from 1908 to a modern map and not a lot has changed.  I’m a very visual person so immersing myself into my character’s world opens up a load of story opportunities.  And of course I take photos and refer to them back home whenever I need inspiration. Here is a sampling of places mentioned in A MAD, WICKED FOLLY.

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A Mad Wicked Folly, Folly Friday
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4 Responses to Folly Friday: A Pictorial Tour of Vicky’s London

  1. Apologies if you have explained this elsewhere. Why did you chose that house for Vicky? Cool that your character has an actual, physical house.

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Vicky always lived on Berkeley Square in the first drafts so when I visited London I saw that house and right away I thought, yep, that’s her house. : )

  2. Very cool! It’s great to be able to stroll right up to Vicky’s house and wander through the streets of her city. I am very much looking forward to the release of this book. I love historical fiction, and I know (having read your writing) that this book will rock! I can’t say that January was ever my favorite month, but I am certainly looking forward to it in 2014.

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Thank you, Jarelle! That is such a compliment coming from you! So good to hear from you…