The Original Horse Bible

Published in 2011

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The Original Horse Bible

The definitive source for all things horse.

The most comprehensive book on horses ever assembled, this bible for horse lovers will prove to be a reliable resource for new horse aficionados as well as for seasoned owners, riders, and breeders.

This expansive content includes an overview of the horse’s evolution and development, anatomy and physiology, and behavior as well as an introduction to some175 breeds of horses, from the Abaco Barb to the Wurtemburger, including color photographs of the breeds by expert photographer Bob Langrish. Additionally, The Original Horse Bible is overflowing with practical information on horse selection, keeping, health, training, and breeding as well as detailed insights on riding, competitions, and activities with horses.

No other horse encyclopedia available today has the wealth of up-to-date, accurate information, useful advice, and beautiful illustrations that The Original Horse Bible delivers with such authority. Between these two covers, readers hold the one-stop reference work that offers reliable information and enjoyable reading to every horse lover who chooses to add this seminal volume to his or her home library.


“Finally, a book that covers, in plain English, from A-Z, all the essential information an equestrian or budding equestrian needs.” Jerry Mayo, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, riding instructor

“The original Horse Bible is comprehensive and easy-to-read guide for horsepeople of all experience levels. Educational for beginners and a useful reference for more experienced readers, it is great addition to any library. I wish I’d had a copy in my Pony Club days.” Amber Heintzberger, equestrian journalist, photographer, and award-winning coauthor of Beyond the Track: Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse

“Although they say it takes several lifetimes to learn about horses and riding, the Original Horse Bible does an admirable job of distilling the information into an easy-to-use reference.” Jennifer O. Bryant, author of The USDF Guide to Dressage and Olympic Equestrian: A Century of International Horse Sport

“The Original Horse Bible takes a comprehensive approach to the world of horses. Individuals new to horses will find answers to most of their questions…experienced people will find useful and interesting facts throughout…the authors present more practical advice in this book than what is normally presented in many collegiate equine courses.” Brian D. Nielsen, PhD, PAS, Dpl ACAN, Professor, Equine Exercise Physiology, Michigan State University

“This volume provides an amazing amount of well-organized information in one place. The Original Horse Bible is certainly destined to become a favorite resource for all equestrians, from the newest fan to the seasoned professional.” Timmie A. Pollock, PhD, sport psychologist

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