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  1. Ann Marie Samson says:

    Loved ‘A Mad Wicked Folly” I am sharing it today with my book club. I was so impressed with the way you presented the fragility and vulnerability of Vicky Darling along with her great courage and strengths. Thank you for a wonderful story!
    Ann Marie Samson

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Hi Ann Marie,

      I apologize for the delayed reply to your very kind words. How did your book club like the story? I’d be happy to send along some signed bookmarks for the group if you’d like.
      Thanks so much for the compliments about Folly!
      Kind regards,

  2. Kerry says:

    I just finished the book, WOW! As a children’s librarian I love that you included all the historical facts at the end- but not in a boring way. I would love to read on about Vicky and Will, do they get married? Does Vicky go to RCA? I hope you will consider bringing us more of the story. I also wonder if India remains at her mothers side or joins the WCPA.
    A wonderful book which swept me right to England, one of my favourite places,
    Thank you for writing this very enjoyable and educational book,
    Best regards,
    Kerry Hincka

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Hi Kerry!
      Thank you so much! Your comments made my day. I love hearing from readers, and I love that you’re a librarian, too. Are you a school librarian? As far as the characters in FOLLY go, I do have a spin-off planned but I’m working on my next historical right now for Viking, which will be published winter of 2016. It’s a mid-Victorian based in London and China. I’ll write a blog post with the details soon.

  3. Tasha says:

    A mid-Victorian based in Long and CHINA?!?!!?! I am interested already! Personally I have lived most of my life in Hong Kong, but I am attending High School in Canada. I am going to university this Sept. Even though the wait is be long, I am sure it will be worthwhile! 😀 I totally felt in love with Vicky and hoped that I have a friend like her.

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Hi Tasha!

      Thank you you so much. And wow, what an interesting life you’ve led. Best of luck in your new endeavors.

  4. Sarah Madden says:

    I just finished listening to A Mad Wicked Folly on CD and can I just say wow? I would be listening to it in the car and not want to stop once I arrived at my destination! It was written so well! I can usually predict a lot about YA books, but this one really kept me on edge. I love how Vicky’s character grows from the aspiring artist to the daring suffragette. As soon as it was over I wanted more! I cannot wait until your next book comes out. 🙂 Bravo!

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much! What a kind thing to say! I hope FOLLY didn’t keep you from anything important. : )


  5. Olivia says:

    I am in love with FOLLY and my absolute favorite book pairing has to be Vicky and Will. I really hope the spin off comes soon, and I hope I see Will and Victoria!
    Best wishes in all your writing days,
    Olivia C
    Dedicated Will and Victoria fan.

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