First Cut Flower Harvest of the Season

I planted these guys three years ago: Lady’s Mantle (from one tiny three inch potted plant) and Sweet Williams (from a seed packet).  They’ve spread into a massive patch and this is the second year I’ve been able to harvest flowers for the house.  Sweet peas are coming in slowly but steadily.  I wish I could send everyone a bouquet.

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2 Responses to First Cut Flower Harvest of the Season

  1. Leslie Olsen says:

    The flowers are beautiful!!! I want to know how you do your honey bees. I think the way you harvest your honey is easier than the way we have done it in the past. I have to send you the latest batch it is by far the best we have ever had. Also one of my students is a saddle fitter and she is amazing!! For the first time in my life I am riding in a saddle that fits me. I told her I can ride better than I thought iI could with this saddle. You know we always have to have a excuse!!!!! If you ever need anyone in that area for a article she is your girl. Hope all is well on your end!!! Leslie

    • Your honey is the best honey ever. I would LOVE a jar. And lucky you for getting a good saddler. They are few and far between. Email me her details. I would love to put her on my source list.

      I’m still learning how to look after the Warre hive, but yes, it’s only a few chores a year. I’m sure I could be doing more, but as you can see it’s hard just to get the usual chores completed on a daily basis. It’s just me here during the day. : )