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I spoke with Karen McCalpin, executive director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund on Monday and I’m happy to report that all the horses are fine!  Karen bravely stayed on the island so that she could be available if the … Continue reading


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Check out this beautiful video about the Banker Horses off the coast of North Carolina.  The producer, Dan Andes, made this video for his Eagle Scout project for the Corrolla Wild Horse Fund.  He even wrote the music.  Great job, … Continue reading


Ellen Feld at the Feathered Quill gave the most wonderful review of the Original Horse Bible.  Read it here: Ellen, incidentally, is the author of wonderful horse books for young readers including Robin, The Lovable Morgan Horse (Willow Bend … Continue reading

The Original Horse Bible
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The Outer Banks, a 175 mile long string of sand dunes, off the coast of North Carolina have been on the news a lot in the past couple of days due to Hurricane Irene’s impending approach.  So I can’t help but think … Continue reading

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My aunt sent me this picture. Now there are broody hens that are fairly determined to raise chicks, but this one puts broodiness in a whole new category. I’m not sure if this has been photoshopped, but the optimist in … Continue reading


Mark made this sweet teeter totter for the goats.  Barley spends most of his time trotting up one end of the plank, balancing in the middle, and then when the plank goes down he trots off the other end.  He usually … Continue reading

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My book is finally out today!  It looks amazing.  Our editors did a great job bringing our vision to life.  Bob Langrish’s photos look beautiful.  There is even a die-cut book mark of a horse AND a red ribbon book … Continue reading

Horse Books, Horses, The Original Horse Bible

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