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  Several people have contacted me regarding the out of stock issue with The Original Horse Bible.  BowTie Inc, the publisher of the book and many magazines I write for, such as Horse Illustrated and Hobby Farms, was recently purchased … Continue reading

The Original Horse Bible

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I had a little accident recently on my horse.  I’m fine, my mare’s fine, but it proved to me, once again, how important helmets are. My husband and I had just mounted up to go on a little hack around … Continue reading

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  Photo  provided courtesy of the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Drew Olsen won the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover! This thrills me on many accounts because not only did Drew and his mom, dressage trainer and my good friend Leslie O’Neal Olsen, … Continue reading


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My new book, The Original Horse Bible, will be released tomorrow (August 16th) , and it’s always a little bit exciting and a little bit scary when a new book hits the bookshelves.   It takes so long to bring a … Continue reading

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