Latest News about The Original Horse Bible

Horse Bible Cover 2

I’ve just heard today that my new publisher, i5, has sent THE ORIGINAL HORSE BIBLE to the printer. It will be available in August. Until then, enjoy the book trailer produced by the amazing Striking Media.

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  1. says:

    That is great!

  2. Wonderful, Sharon! I’m so glad the book is moving forward with i5.

  3. Sadra Pate says:

    Sharon, Soooo very happy for you. The Book looks fabulous.Loved the trailer.

  4. Sadra Pate says:

    Their Baaaaaack LOL absolutely hilarious!

  5. Sadra Pate says:


  6. Sadra Pate says:

    Here’s a nice reminder of why we honor and celebrate Memorial Day!

  7. Sadra Pate says:

    Love the goat. Think that should be my new profile pic….