ALA Midwinter, people! Who is going? Show of hands…

Although I will not be doing a formal signing at ALA at the end of the month, I will be there, ready and willing to sign books if you have them.  If not, I will be packing bookmarks, which I will happily sign for you.  I plan on wandering the halls, hanging out with friends, and searching the crowd for Twitter pals I’ve always wanted to meet in real life.  I would LOVE to meet you so if you want a signed bookmark or want to hang out for a wee bit or just want to say hi, tweet at me and I’ll let you know where in the vastness that is the McCormick Place I am.  (If there’s cake, chances are I’m there.).  Please don’t feel shy about saying hello or asking me questions.  I really would love to meet you.  And if we’ve chatted on Twitter or met before please remind me who you are. I have the memory of a sieve, especially while I’m in revisions, which I am at the moment.  Also I am kind of shy and large crowds overwhelm me sometimes so I might have a slightly freaked out look on my face.  Also I don’t get out much so I may remind you of an overzealous puppy.

So…can’t wait to see you all at ALA!


2 Responses to ALA Midwinter, people! Who is going? Show of hands…

  1. Hi! I wanted to thank you for the lovely bookmarks and postcards you sent me. I meant to email you that I’m going to be at Midwinter, but I foolishly left your email address back at the office. Hope to run into you! -Gillian Dawson, Teen Services Librarian of Brown County

    • Sharon Biggs Waller says:

      Hi Gillian! So sorry we missed each other at the ALA conference. I only came on Saturday and raced home before the snow hit. I hope you had a fun weekend and I’m sure we’ll meet up someday!