Announcing my very first contemporary YA novel!

I’m incredibly pleased and proud to announce my latest deal for my third book, a contemporary YA novel called GIRLS ON THE VERGE. Those of you who have read my other books, ORCHID and FOLLY, know that I am first and foremost a feminist writer and that the theme of girl power runs through the veins of my stories. So guess what? GIRLS ON THE VERGE is no different.

Here is the announcement from Publisher’s Weekly

Christian Trimmer at Simon & Schuster has bought world English rights to Girls on the Verge, a YA novel by Sharon Biggs Waller. When 17-year-old Camille discovers she can’t obtain an abortion anywhere near her small hometown, she sets off for a Planned Parenthood clinic in the next state. Accompanied by Annabelle, the one-time star of her high school who has wound up stocking shelves, Camille embarks on a road trip of self-discovery in this coming-of-age story pitched as Going Bovinemeets Thelma and Louise. Publication is set for spring 2018; John M. Cusick of Folio Jr. / Folio Literary Management brokered the deal.

The story of girls and their autonomy over their own bodies and their own fertility is an important one for me to tell and I am pleased and proud to have the chance to tell it. It’s not often that I get to write a story like GIRLS ON THE VERGE that is very close to my own life story.

But no worries, I haven’t abandoned my first love—historical fiction.   Lots more of those to come!



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