So Long Twitter…It’s Been Good to Know You

Hi everyone, just a wee note to say I’ve decided to leave  the Twitterverse.  We’ll meet again, Twitter, don’t know how, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

But you, dear readers, can still find me on my Instagram account, which is filled with absurd pictures of my goats, cats, dogs, and other happenings on my farm.  I’m also up on my Facebook page, although I post sporadically there.  However, I do answer every email, so please drop me a note through Let’s chat!

Also, on the news front, I’m finishing first draft edits on GIRLS ON THE VERGE, publication of which has been pushed to spring of 2019.  And I’ve hung out my shingle and will be giving manuscript critiques,mentoring, and query assistance, information of which you can find here:  Manuscript Critiques. 

Happy fall!  Enjoy all the pumpkin-flavored goodness the world has to offer.



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