My New Kindle Vella Story, Betwixt and Between

I’m on a new publishing adventure! Amazon launched a new reader experience in 2022 called Kindle Vella. It works like this: authors upload up to a 5,000 word episode on the network and readers pay tokens to read each one. I’ve been working on a retelling of Brigadoon called Betwixt and Between, and I thought Kindle Vella would be the perfect way to introduce Fiona and Tommy’s timeless story to the reading world. You can read the first three episodes for free here Betwixt and Between.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Betwixt and Between

1720, Scotland. When plague strikes Fiona’s village of Brigadoon, she helps a healer cast a protection spell around the village, which causes each day to last 100 years. But Fiona doesn’t count on meeting a handsome moderner named Tommy 300 years later.

2020, New York. Tommy Albright has lived under his father’s scandal for a year. Seeking peace, he travels to the Scottish Highlands where he finds a mysterious village and a beautiful woman named Fiona.

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