My Favorite Murder Hometown Story

If you haven’t heard the My Favorite Murder podcast, head over there now and acquaint yourself with this hilarious and endearing true crime comedy podcast. They release two pods a week, a true crime and a listeners’ hometown murders/weird stories/funny personal stories/all things just…odd. The MFM ladies, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, released a memoir, STAY SEXY AND DON’T GET MURDERED, around the same time I released GIRLS ON THE VERGE. Both were on the Cosmo list of top books of 2019, which thrilled me to no end since I am a HUGE MFM fan and a murderino (the name for followers of the pod). I admire Georgia and Karen so much that I added an Easter egg in the story in their honor, only I had to call them the Murder and Mayhem Girls because their podcast wasn’t around in my book’s timeline.

A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be funny to send in my goofy hometown story, which was about the time I got hit by a car inside a steak restaurant. So they read it on Monday, and they also mentioned GIRLS ON THE VERGE, which also thrills me to no end! Here is Monday’s pod: Episode 125. I’m the last story.

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