A Neato Podcast about Girls on the Verge and an Interview with Yours Truly

Last week I had the absolute pleasure to hang out with GiannaMarie Dobson and Veronica Ward, the delightful ladies of the new book podcast Something Old, Something Debut. They picked GIRLS ON THE VERGE as their first book review/discussion, and invited me to be on the pod. I had so much fun and so I invite you to take a listen. They are on many podcast catchers including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listen to them here Spotify Something Old, Something Debut. Or here on Apple Something Old, Something Debut.

The discussion on GIRLS ON THE VERGE is part one and two, and my interview is part three. GiannaMarie and Veronica are so funny and very passionate about books and life in general. I think you’ll enjoy listening to them. So if you want to learn about my writing process, my favorite fictional horse, what would kill me in a dystopian society, and why I have so many goats, head on over and take a listen.

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